The Communal establishment Bogodukhov child’s house-boarding-school – is socially-medical establishment, where on the state providing children-invalids live and brought up in age from 4 to 18 with the lacks of mental and physical development.

In the house-boarding-school to the toinvalids the multidisciplinary command of specialists is give the complex of domestic, socially-medical, educationally-educator and rehabilitation services in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

The house-boarding-school is located in model brick three-storeyed building that provided by all communal comforts(heating, illumination, hot and cold water, sewage system). Children live in spacious light rooms for 4-6 persons. At disposal of children there are spacious halls, playing rooms. On territory of house-boarding-school to break up flowerbeds, lawns, fruit-trees are landed.

There is five-time rational(on medical testimonies – dietary) feed is organized in the house-boarding-school. For the children of the junior age-related group a sevenfold feed is organized, they get the balanced sucklings mixtures additionally.

There are 2 doctors, 11 medical sisters, medical sister, on curative physical education, 2 specialists on a physical rehabilitation render Socially-medical and rehabilitation services children. The first-aid station and manipulation cabinet, physical therapy cabinet, stomatological cabinet with a modern equipment function in house-boarding-school.

Educational services children in the house-boarding-school get 12 educators. The pedagogical and educational process in the house-boarding-school is organized in accordance with the requirements of the State standard of primary general education for children, needing correction of physical and mental development on the program for retard children, adapted for the pupils of our establishment.With pupils not apt at educating and with a motive hypoactivity educator and correction work is conducted on the special program for the children of preschool age with the lacks of mental development. With children that need to the speech therapy correction, a speech therapist works.

There are the cabinet of speech therapist, rehabilitation hall, is equipped with a sport instrument in the house-boarding-school. On the ground floor of dwelling building of the house-boarding-school the hall of physical rehabilitation is additionally equipped for pupils with a motive hypoactivity.

The pupils of the house-boarding-school visit the Kharkov zoo, circus, Delphinarium, theatres, museums. Excursions get organized in Кrasnokutsk botanical gardens, in memorial complex “Height of marshal Konev”, in the museum of Grigoriy Skovoroda, excursions on a native edge. In summer pupils have a rest in child’s camps ashore the Black sea or in child’s rehabilitation centers of Ukraine.

In an order to arrange child The Communal establishment Bogodukhov child’s house-boarding-school to their parents, guardians(to the trustees) or administration of establishment, where a child lives. It is necessary to appeal to the district management of labour and social defence of population domiciliary child.

Children resident and brought up in the house-boarding-school, in default of medical contra-indications from their consent, can on the statement of parents, guardians(trustees) temporally to leave from the house-boarding-school for a residence in family.

After the achievement of 18-years-old age the pupils of the house-boarding-school can be deducted from establishment on maintenance of parents, guardians(trustees), can be transfered to the youth separation of the house-boarding-school, or can be transfered to other establishment of the system of social defence of population of area.