You want to help and help us!

The activity of the house-boarding-school on creation for the children is the possible best vital space is many-sided. Therefore every day there are problem questions that require an immediate decision. For today in The Communal establishment Bogodukhov child’s house-boarding-school exists row of important problems the decision of that considerably will improve the terms of residence and education of children-invalids in establishment.

For today children constantly need:

- the nappies(a daily necessity is 60  of pony-size(№ 6) and 30  Medium-sized(medium));

- the cleansers and domestic chemistry( liquid and dry cleansers, toilet soap(75 g), shampoo, detergent, economic soap,  tooth-paste(100 g)).

-  the Soft inventory(pillow-cases, blanket cover slips, sheets, towels terry-cloth(large, middle), pillows, mattresses, blankets, covered).

The necessary furniture:  20 closets for a clothing ,20 tables for a dining-room with hygienical coverage measuring a 0,8 m х a 0,8 m ,20  Student’s school tables-desks(horizontal, middle), 40 chairs to student’s tables,10  bookcases,10 bookshelves,20 writing tables ,40 chairs.

The equipment for our kitchen, requires laundry and sewage treatment plants of  the house-boarding-school partial replacement. It is necessary:

- the professional meat Grinder;

- the machine for the drying clothes.

The equipment for kitchen, requires laundry and sewage treatment plants of the house-boarding-school partial replacement. Realization of permanent repair of dwellings and domestic apartments is needed 1, 2 and 3 floors of dwelling building of the house-boarding-school.

It is necessary to produce replacement of windows :  7 in building of garage,7 in a boiler room.

For the repairing of sewage treatment plants of the house-boarding-school it is needed: a 300 m replacement of plumbing network , a 40 m partial replacement of sewage network, repair of building of sewage treatment plants(repair of roof and replacement 10 windows).

It is Extremely necessary:

1. Repairing of 800 square meters of the roof of dwelling corps of  the house-boarding-school.

2. Repairing of artesian mining hole in a 155 m depth.

3. Substituting of 3 gas blowers by sewage treatment plants.

4. Repairing of  of 234 square meters of roof of laundryand  of 120 square meters of sewage treatment plants.

It is in addition, that enumerated, children need:

- the modern physical therapy equipment for treatment of nervous, internal organs and locomotorium diseases;

- the office commodities(notebooks, albums for drawing, pens, pencils, coloured pieces of chalk, paints for drawing, whatmen, coloured paper, lines, plasticine);

- the table games;

- the sport trainers;

- the rehabilitation equipment;

- the sport inventory for movable games: balls for te different games, rackets and balls for table tennis, rackets and shuttlecocks for a badminton, gymnastic carpets, hoops, gymnastic sticks;

- the lighting devices(antistrike lamps for a sport hall);

- the computers(notebooks) (including) for educating;

- for the group of embroidery : linen, threads of muliney, bead, charts, scopes;

- for educating to sewing : electric  overstitch machine, typewriters sewing, iron, fabrics.

And yet we have a dream to incarnate in life a few projects that will do life of our children more glad and bright.

The project “Paint the world of childhood”(holding competition with subsequent realization of work-winner on causing of pictures on the walls of building of the house-boarding-school).

The project “Create the magic world”. Holding competition on the best landscape design of territory of the house of boarding-school.

Any Your help will be very important and useful to us!

Except material necessities our children have no less important spiritual necessities and foremost it is a requirement in communication and human heat.

For us your help is very important in a device for our pupils of different child’s concerts, morning performances, realization of athletic, dancing employments, hikes, realization of simple masterclasss on embroidery, wickerwork, drawing, modelling, other arts, educator and developing conversations and lectures.

Our children very need Your the attention, caring and love!