Bogodukhov Child's House-Boarding-School

Богодуховский детский дом-интернат

The Communal establishment Bogodukhov child's house-boarding-school is located in the picturesque corner of town Bogodukhov. Bogodukhov child's house-boarding-school is socially-medical establishment, where the children-invalids with the lacks of mental and physical development live and brought up from the age of 4 to 18.

The house-boarding-school is based on property of the Kharkov regional soviet. The house-boarding-school is inferior to Department of social defence of population of regional administration.

There are 135 children-invalids from that 38 live and brought up are the children-orphans and children, deprived paternal guardianship in the house-boarding-school for today .

The feature of the house-boarding-school consists in that here children live and brought up with all possible degrees of mental backwardness - from lung to the heaviest.Children with the easy degrees of mental backwardness study in establishment on the special program. Children that is not apt at educating get the complex of educator and rehabilitation services in accordance with the individual programs of rehabilitation.The primary purpose of our work is creation for children resident in the house-boarding-school, the best terms, for development and complete opening of their various positive capabilities.

There are the pupils are divided into groups in the house-boarding-school :

- the group of pupils of profile II - for pupils with a moderate and deep mental backwardness, psychonosemas that can study, independently to move and served;

- the group of pupils of profile III - for pupils with a deep mental backwardness and psychonosemas that can independently move and can not be independently served;

- the group of pupils of profile IV - for pupils with a deep mental backwardness and / or by psychonosemas, that have difficult disfigurations, can not independently move(or move with difficulties) and independently served.